2016 Lincoln Continental Concept, Price

Lincoln has officially announced about their upcoming concept car Continental in the last motor show held in New York. This is not a new car, but a face lifted one. 2016 Lincoln Continental is the car all Lincoln fans are waiting for a long time. This is not a car which looks only attractive, but has also got features and performance which are really tempting. They have created this car in such a way which will not go outdated for many more years.

2016 Lincoln Continental front

2016 Lincoln Continental Exterior and Interior

The main attraction in this facelift is the introduction of matrix headlights of LED, which are accompanied by laser assistance of high beams. There are also E-latch type door handles along with Smart glass of SPD technology in this new Continental. 2016 Lincoln Continental is an outstanding car when it comes to appearance. With the wonderful work of aerodynamics and engineers, this car has got one of the most elegant looks among others. You would keep staring at the alloy wheels for a long time just for its fine high build quality cutting spokes.

2016 Lincoln Continental side

The new Continental has got 18 inch alloy wheels with a wider distance between front and rear wheels. The grille is another attractive portion of 2016 Lincoln Continental, which is mesh type, but of different material which is very shiny. This car has got low ground clearance, which adds class to it. This is a lavish sedan, which you drive to your office or any corporate meeting; hence the low ground clearance is very much suitable. Matrix type headlights look like the scales of a fish with step cut lights. One corner of each headlight box is underlined with LED chain.

One remarkable thing about this car is its leg space which is really impressive. You can almost stretch your entire leg inside this car. The rear trunk space is good enough to hold a good amount of load. This time it has been installed with E-latch doors which help opening and closing of doors better. There are no chances of doors getting damaged easily due to E-latch.

2016 Lincoln Continental interior

2016 Lincoln Continental Engine Specs

Coming to the engine specification, 2016 Lincoln Continental has got a 3.0-liter engine V6 with Eco-Boost technology as its base version. This engine can produce a power of 440 HP. This wheel driven car is equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission. There are three driving modes offered by Lincoln in this car, which are sport, comfort and normal. Interior space is not an issue for this car since it has got a large length.

2016 Lincoln Continental Release Date and Price

This smart car has been powered by the Approach Detection feature of Lincoln. This particular feature will light up your car as soon as you approach your car as a sign of greeting. This is a patented feature of Lincoln. 2016 Lincoln Continental is supposed to hit the market by the beginning of the next year. This car has been fixed with a price of $50,000. Prices will vary according to the version chosen and obviously it will be higher for the higher versions.

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