2016 Honda Pilot Specs

2016 Honda Pilot is coming with completely redesign, new and well improved features that will make it the best SUV on the road when it will be released. It is made with latest improved technology coupled with exceptional and unique designs. The improvement in this car is going to be obvious both on the interior and exterior part of it. The platform of this newly produced and upcoming Honda Pilot is going to be same with the platform of Aura MDX with little tweak that will make it a bit bigger. This latest Pilot will be made with lightweight material that will add to it aerodynamic features and amazing functionalities.

2016 Honda Pilot front

2016 Honda Pilot Engine Options

The upcoming Honda Pilot 2016 will be coming with 3.5-liter V6 i-VTEC engine which is capable of producing about 290 horsepower with 267 lb-ft of torque. This well engineered and powerful engine will be melted with 6-speed automatic gearbox which will transfer power to the either the front wheel drive or the all wheel drive option of this great SUV. One thing about the engine in this car is that it is built with feature that made it really powerful and superior in functionality.

2016 Honda Pilot Specs

The 2016 Honda Pilot will be coming with completely new LED headlight which will offer the user more and superior visibility. It is designed with larger cabin in order to offer the users more comfort and pleasure while on the go with the car. Really, this car will be able to comfortably accommodation up to 8 adult passengers at a time. There are lots of wonderful infotainment features which are jam-parked in this great and innovative car. Some of the infotainment features include; larger multi function touch screen display, navigation system, DVD and other entertainment guarantee features.

2016 Honda Pilot interior

Safety Features and Competition

 In order to ensure that the user of this 2016 Honda Pilot enjoy exceptional security and safety, it is loaded with lots of safety guarantee features. Some of the features that will ensure security of the user of this car include, review camera, airbags, well built seatbelts, stability control systems, traction control system, parking sensor and others. It is expected that this car is going to have many rivals in the world car market. Some major rivals to this car include; Ford Explorer, Audi A4, Chrysler 300 and others.

2016 Honda Pilot rear

2016 Honda Pilot Release Date and Price

The upcoming 2016 Honda Pilot is expected to debut at late 2015 but the real date for the release is not known s the automaker did not make the information about the release of this car clear to the fans. So, if you are looking to enjoy well built and luxurious car, you have to wait a bit into the year 2015. The price of this car is expected to range from $31,000 to $34,000 depending on the engine option, features, equipments in the version and also your specification while ordering for this car.

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