2016 Honda HR-V Crossover

2016 Honda HR-V is a well known mini cross over Sports Utility Vehicle developed by multinational Japanese automobile giant – Honda Motor Co Ltd. It is also marketed as Honda Vezel in Japan and has a 3 or 5 door configuration. The term HRV is an abbreviation that actually stands for – Hi rider Revolutionary Vehicle. The car model is noted for providing the better of two worlds – it has a higher visibility, huge cargo space, improved maneuverability which it borrows as a SUV while at the same time giving great performance & improved fuel economy, a characteristic found mostly for smaller cars. It should be noted that the model was released back in 1999 but its production was later discontinued in 2006.

2016 Honda HR-V front

2016 Honda HR-V Engine Specs, Mpg

2016 Honda HR-V carries a newly installed power train that consists of a 1.8L, inline 4 cylinder engine which has been paired with a state of the art CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission). The model further comes with a standard CUV All wheel drive platform but there is also an optional Front Wheel Driving model which offers a manual 6 speed power transmission system). It engine design has been based on that of Honda Vezel which offers a SOHC iVTEC unit of the same configuration. One should also note that it has a combined fuel economy of about 29mpg (27/32mpg on city & highway roads respectively).

2016 Honda HR-V Interior and Trim Levels

This crossover has been designed using the “Fit World Car platform” and is being currently manufactured and assembled at units in Celaya in Mexico, Campana in Argentina, Saitama in Japan and Karawang in Indonesia. However, if compared with other CUVs produced by Honda, the upcoming Honda HRV is better in terms of performance & style; the new platform has resulted in the model having a coupe like design but it also retains the model’s original subcompact hatch back design. Also one should know that it will be available in a series of three trims which include – S, EL and E respectively.

2016 Honda HR-V interior

2016 Honda HR-V has a very impressive interior design that has been inspired by Honda Civic Si – furthermore it also incorporates a new 2nd row seating in addition to various internal style cues, safety & security features etc. The model is highly fuel efficient (its FWD version has a combined fuel economy of 31mpg) and has a primary front engine placement. Many critics suggest that the model is related to the classic Honda Fit though it outperforms its predecessor in terms of style, size, performance etc but retains its efficiency & interior design.

2016 Honda HR-V Release Date and Price

2016 Honda HR-V is scheduled for a release some time this year as a 2016 year model. However, no definite release date has been confirmed by company officials. The model is speculated to cost something around $19,150 – $24,900.

2016 Honda HR-V side

Major plus points include – better performance, improved safety & security, high fuel efficiency, relatively affordable price, superior design etc. One should note that this car is being targeted mostly towards family & household customers.

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