2016 Honda Fit Release Date

2016 Honda Fit is actually a small car from famous Japanese automobile manufacturer, Honda. With many changes made to the earlier model, this all new version will again more importance in its segment. It will come with an all new platform which can provide designers with various opportunities for performing experiments mainly upon engine variants, interior and exterior. The company expects this vehicle to be one of the top city car models. Almost all Honda car lovers around are waiting for such a mini vehicle again.

2016 Honda Fit front

2016 Honda Fit Exterior and Interior

2016 Honda Fit is expected to quite an attractive and beautiful looking car. Since the previous one has gone through many modifications, its upcoming model may be quite similar to earlier one. Some minor upgrades are surely made for improvement towards perfection.

Frontal fascia comprises of a refreshed front grille made using good quality plastic and chrome details, slightly modified frontal bumper and roof spoiler. Honda’s emblem gets placed at the centre. Headlights as well as taillights will be much cooler than before as designing gets improved. These lights get powered by advanced LED technology which improves visibility a lot. 16 inch sized good looking alloy wheels may be present. Aluminium, carbon fibre or other lightweight materials have been used in its production, which reduced net weight considerably thereby improving vital aspects of speed, mileage rate, performance, durability, etc. As per latest news, new body colors options will be available soon.

2016 Honda Fit rear

According to rumors, 2016 Honda Fit gets a classy yet very modern or futuristic cabin space made possible through some upgrade. Premium quality leather gets onto seats along with fine upholstery. High quality materials like aluminium, soft plastic, chrome details, etc make up its cabin space. All these sum up to prove an ultimate comfort to passengers. There is enough sitting space as well as headroom for almost four fully grown adults but has less leg room space at back. A driver centring car’s control panel has been installed.

Being a small modern car it has to be a smart vehicle for sure i.e. must have the latest technological software, gadgets, etc. Here are some cool hi-tech stuffs installed inside- excellent infotainment system, upgraded navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, smart climate control system, USB ports, centre console having large 7 inch touch screen display, hands-free calling, audio or music player comprising many speakers, air bags, seat belts, parking assistance through rear view mirror, etc.

2016 Honda Fit interior

2016 Honda Fit Engine Specs

Under the hood of a basic version 2016 Honda Fit will be a 1.5 litre 4 cylinder direct injections I-VTEC engine which is capable of generate nearly 130 hp and 114 lb-ft torque. You can choose between a manual 6 speeds CVT or auto transmission system. Its average mileage rate will be around 31 mpg on normal streets and 34 mpg on highways. Their hybrid engine systems are also on cards.

2016 Honda Fit Price and Release Date

2016 Honda Fit may be available in three trim levels whose estimated price range is in-between $16,500-$21,000. By starting of 2016, it will be launched.

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