2016 GMC Sierra Changes

As per news, the production of GMC Sierra was started in year 1998 just like Chevrolet Silverado as a replacement of full sized GMC or Chevy C/K pickup truck. This vehicle is actually manufactured for industrial works and some of its versions are even luxury pick-up trucks whereas Silverado are for agriculture purpose. GMC, a part of General Motors (GM) automobile company, is all set to provide quality as well as greater upgrades in its 2016 GMC Sierra. Company seems to expect alot from this vehicle as it makes better innovations under the bonnet by adding diesel drivetrain unit.

2016 GMC Sierra front

2016 GMC Sierra Exterior and Interior Changes

Various trims or versions of 2016 GMC Sierra maybe available which are namely regular cab, double cab and crew cab. These versions mainly differ in dimensions, wheelbase and other features. Wheelbase size ranges from 119 – 153 inch, length is in-between 205.6 – 239.6, width stays almost same for all versions and height varies from 73.2 – 74.2 inch. It gets a more refined as well as bolder look.

Its frontal grille has been made taller and wider than before. Such improvements will lead more air into engine compartment, thus cooling it down with nature’s help. Headlights are C in shape having advanced LED lighting technology installed inside for improved visibility. Taillights also get same treatment. Smooth clear body lines represent better aerodynamics. Cool alloy wheels are available. Usage of light weighing materials such as fibre, aluminium, etc have reduced car’s weight thereby improving important prospects like speed, durability, performance, fuel economy, etc.

2016 GMC Sierra rear

Cabin space of 2016 GMC Sierra experiences some aesthetic development all around. High quality materials along with classic textures are available for all its trim levels. Various control knobs are present having solid gripping. Driver’s info centre gets fitted between tachometer and speedometer. Nearly four or five passengers can be easily accommodated inside yet leaving enough leg room and head room for all. At back, a huge trailer is fitted for carrying large variety of cargo easily. For perfect comfort, premium leather seats are present and well upholstered seats.

Being a pick-up truck, 2016 GMC Sierra shouldn’t be underestimated as it gets some really hi-tech stuff under its belt. Here are some cool technologies as well as gadgets present inside- upgraded navigation system, cooling air conditioners, Bluetooth connectivity, five USB ports, 300 watt inverter providing current to devices, branded sound system having many speakers, seat belts, air bags, etc.

2016 GMC Sierra interior

2016 GMC Sierra Engine Specs

2016 Sierra will have three engine types under bonnet which are namely- a 4.3 litre EcoTec 3 4300 V6 engine producing 285 hp and 305 lb-ft torque, or a 5.3 litre EcoTec 3 5300 V8 engine generating 355 hp and 383 lb-ft torque or a 6.2 litre EcoTec 3 6200 V8 engine giving 420 hp and 460 lb-ft torque. Few diesel variants are also available for this vehicle.

2016 GMC Sierra Price and Release Date

2016 GMC Sierra will have an estimated price range of $26,000 – $53,000 depending upon trim levels. By 2016 start, this model will be present in markets around the world.

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