2016 Ford Mustang Concept

Finding a sports shape vehicle? People looking forward to have a best sports shape vehicle should consider the modern machines. Ford is ready to generate the best sports cars for the fans. Recently, it has been announced by the Ford that it will regenerate the Mustang.  No doubt, previous models of mustang were completely perfect but manufacturer is excited to bring modern changes in the lineup. This will make 2016 Ford Mustang for the speedy drivers. Important facts, figures and features of this vehicle are given below.

2016 Ford Mustang front

2016 Ford Mustang Exterior and Interior Concept

Unlike its previous models, the 2016 Ford Mustang will get enormous and prominent changes in the exterior as well as interior. Design and layout of the vehicle has been changed completely. This has been done on purpose to get a new shape. It is believed that new mustang model will appear with larger grille. Yes, Ford is looking forward to increase the air intake by maximizing the size of grille. Second major change can be observed by checking the headlights of this vehicle. These are new and modern because of the three splash technology. The hood of this vehicle is slightly up but lateral sides are curving inward. Back of the vehicle doesn’t cover more space because of a small design.

2016 Ford Mustang interior

When talking about the interior of Ford Mustang 2016 sporty vehicle, it is necessary to see the comfortable seating adjustments. All the seats have been installed with automatic and manual adjustment systems. This enables the drivers to adjust the seats according to their conditions. A large touch screen, audio video entertainment options, interior weather control, automatic weather updates, satellite radio and new set of gearbox are some exciting features for the drivers.

2016 Ford Mustang Engine Options, Mpg

Completely new power train will be used for Ford Mustang. Ford has used a V-8 engine with 5.0 liters fuel capacity. This engine can support the quick speed generation. This SVT vehicle is known to utilize the first Voodoo engine. Manufacturer has not disclosed information about the torque production. The horsepower production will be around 550 with the engine specs mentioned here. The engine of this sporty vehicle can generate more than 8000 rpm.

Fuel consumption or utilization always attracts the drivers. Excellent engine setup and light body weight are considerable factors to enhance the running efficiency. The 2016 Ford Mustang will create an economic fuel utilization rate by covering 18 miles per gallon. However, the city driving will reduce 2 MPG.

2016 Ford Mustang Release Date, Competitors & Price

Ford has not disclosed the release date of this sporty vehicle. However, the car dealers are expecting to see it after October 2016. The vehicle will be launched in USA, Canada and UK first. Estimated price of 2016 Ford Mustang will be above $50,000.

2016 Ford Mustang rear

Sudden increase in price is also expected soon after the release or later. his vehicle may face competition because of Dodge Challenger SRT and Chevrolet Camaro.

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