2016 Ford GT500 Price

This 2016 Ford GT500 is designed with lots of update from the predecessors. There are lots of changes both on the exterior and interior part of this car which made it the desire for those that are scouring the internet for amazingly designed and well built car. The exterior part of this car is designed with superior material as well as high tech components. The headlamp of this car is designed with latest improvement in technology in order to enhance visibility of the user at all time.

2016 Ford GT500 front

2016 Ford GT500 Engine Specs

The engine wise of 2016 Ford GT500 it is expected that his wonderful and well function car will still utilize 5.8-liter V8 engine with about 500 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. Though, there may be power pump in this car engine option yet, it is not really necessary as the 500 horsepower is enough for the user to enjoy wonderful cruising experience at all times. More so, this wonderful and well functional engine will be melted with 6-speed manual transmission system though there may be automatic version of the transmission system later.

With all the power and functionality of this car, it is still economical in term of fuel consumption. If you are to drive this car within the city, you will be able to cover up to 15 miles just with only one gallon of fuel in your tank. You will also cover up to 24 miles with one gallon of fuel if you are to drive this car on the highway. These are among the reasons why 2016 Ford GT500 still remains the best among the equals.

2016 Ford GT500 Specification

The exterior of this car is designed and crafted specifically for those that take pleasure in driving well shaped and designed automobile. For that reason, it is built with strong material that that it highly stabile while on the go. The interior is also designed with features that will certainly guarantee the comfort and pleasure of the user at all time. There is presence of infotainment features like sound system, wide screen display and others.

2016 Ford GT500 interior

In order to guarantee the safety of the users, this car is loaded with lots of features to make that possible. Some of the safety features in this car you need to know include, traction control system, stability control system, quality airbag system, quality seatbelts, parking sensor in some versions and others wonderful safety features.

2016 Ford GT500 Release Date and Price

This car is expected to arrive to showroom sometime 2015 as 2016 model but the exact date for the release of this car has not been communicated to the fans. The price of this 2016 Ford GT500 is expected to be $54,995 or even higher than that.

2016 Ford GT500 side

The main competing brands to 2016 Ford GT500 include; Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Chevrolet Corvette, Nissan GT-R and others. However, the good news about the competition is that this car has what it takes to stand tall while competing with other brands and models.

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