2016 Ford F-250 MSRP, Horsepower

Yet another wonder car of Ford is undoubtedly F-250 which is a super small truck. Ford has decided to facelift many of their cars and F-250 is one of those. If you are looking for small trucks, you are absolutely at the right place and you should look forward to 2016 Ford F-250 now. Recently one prototype of upcoming F-250 was found performing penultimate tests in US. Due to that, photos and specifications have gone viral online about the new F-250 that is to come. Previously, few people spotted this car performing some tests.

2016 Ford F-250 front

2016 Ford F-250 Design

They took photographs of the same but they could hardly notice things from that picture. This time, the photo is clearer and it can be seen that F-250 has got aluminum body now which will make it lighter. Another great thing is that the uncovered picture of 2016 Ford F-250 has already been released online in the beginning of this month.

2016 Ford F-250 interior

This can only mean one thing that the release date of this car is approaching soon. In all probability, F-250 will be launched in the next auto show that will be held in New York. It is quite difficult to gather much information about upcoming F-250 now since Ford is keeping mum regarding this. Still you are provided with few details that you will be interested in. 2016 Ford F-250 has got a reduction of 700 lbs of weight due to the full aluminum body. Ford has done the same thing in F-150 and this is how they are increasing performance of the car without bringing much difference in engine specification.

2016 Ford F-250 Engine Specs

Engine wise 2016 Ford F-250 has got a 6.2 liter engine V8 as the base version. This engine can produce a power of about 385 horsepower with a torque of 405 lb ft. There will be another variant of this car with an engine of 6.7 liter with Power Stroke technology. This engine can produce a power of about 440 HP with a torque of 860 lb ft. Fuel economy has been increased in both the versions, thus bringing more relief to car owners. This petrol engine car will have direct injection technology which will provide better performance and save fuel.

2016 Ford F-250 rear

This new F-250 will have eight speed transmissions and the control will be fully automatic. Presently F-250 has got six speed transmissions which will be made optional with the release of the upcoming version. It has also been known that Ford is bringing ten speed auto transmissions for this car but it will take some time. Ford has done the same with F-150. Technological consoles will be upgraded as necessary.

2016 Ford F-250 MSRP and Release Date

Other features will remain the same except few minor but necessary changes in appearance. 2016 Ford F-250 is supposed to hit the market by the middle or end of next year. This car will be fixed with a price of $35000 for the base version. Higher versions will have higher prices and it will reach up to $60000 for the higher version which is reasonable.

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