2016 Ford F-150 Review

Ford has got many popular cars in their list and small trucks are few of them. One of their all time popular small trucks is F-150 and Ford has decided to facelift this now. It will be made lighter with better performance and will be given an appearance with more aggression in 2016 Ford F-150. Front part of this car looks similar to that of an SUV with big grille portion. The grille is made up of mesh type material and it covers a large portion. This is because small trucks travel for long distances and engine needs to be cooled quickly.

2016 Ford F-150 front

2016 Ford F-150 Changes

There will be enough exchange of air between car interior and exterior. Ground clearance has not been changed and it is absolutely perfect for this car. There is least chance of this car hitting the ground even in rough road surface unless it is driven recklessly. People are guessing that 2016 Ford F-150 will have enhanced fuel economy and it might also have electric powertrains. There are lots of speculations going on presently online regarding engine specification of this car.

2016 Ford F-150 interior

2016 Ford F-150 Engine Specs

Till now it has been known that 2016 Ford F-150 will have a 6.2 liter engine V8 as the base version which can produce power of about 411 HP. This specification is just too good and very tempting. With this performance, a driver will have a smooth driving experience and great pickup. This new F-150 will not have the same flavor as it has got now. Presently it runs on 3.5 liter engine V6 with EcoBoost feature. But Ford has assured that 2016 Ford F-150 will have enhanced performance with its V8 engine.

Speed transmission of the face lifted car will be ten in numbers and will be fully automatic. Can you imagine ten speed auto transmission in a small truck? Ford has geared up totally to go ahead in the list of small trucks this time. Suspension has been replaced too with Fox suspension. Shock absorbers have larger diameter now which will provide more comfort than before. Small trucks run for longer distances or often they go for whole night journey.

2016 Ford F-150 Weight

Drivers and passengers need comfort on these vehicles since they go for long distances. Another remarkable feature of 2016 Ford F-150 is that it has got reduction of 500 pounds on curb weight which has been possible with the help of aluminum build. Due to this, performance will be increased a lot than it is at present. The list of awesome features does not end here since Ford is providing a feature called Terrain Management which will give more grip on traction control.

2016 Ford F-150 rear

2016 Ford F-150 Price

For those who travel long distances in deserts, Ford has offered “Baja” mode. Ford F-150 2016 is supposed to hit the market by the end of 2016. This car will be fixed with a price of around $45000 for the base version which is very much reasonable considered to the services it provides. There will be other versions of this vehicle too. To get the info about those, you need to wait for few more months.

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