2016 Ford Expedition Release Date

Ford Expedition is a beast in true sense of the term. This car had experienced huge sale once when it was on the top list. Presently it has become outdated in few aspects which are being taken care of by Ford. 2016 Ford Expedition should be your look out for the next year if you are planning to buy an SUV. With this facelift, Expedition will become a sixth generation car. Seating capacity of this car is eight officially beyond which there will be discomfort in seating.

2016 Ford Expedition front

2016 Ford Expedition Interior and Exterior

This car can provide so much seating space since it has got three row seating. Many things will be kept same as before, but the things which will receive changes will be very tempting for you. There will be changes in appearance and this time Expedition will be released with many engine options. Curb weight is being reduced with the help of replaced material which is lighter yet strong.

A driver need not worry about shifting gears while driving and only needs to control the steering. Base version will be rear two wheel driven while there will be option for all wheel drive. Grille of 2016 Ford Expedition is an identity of this car which is made up of three horizontal slits of metal. There are two fog lamps as well in two corners of front damper and they are rectangular in shape.

2016 Ford Expedition interioir

2016 Ford Expedition has been made lighter by 200 pounds to 300 pounds. Many brands are going for reduction of curb weight as it is a trick to enhance performance. As curb weight goes down, the engine needs to work less on pulling the load and thus useful power output increases. There will be major changes in front damper, grille and headlights. The vehicle will be very stylish now with more aggression.

Grille will be made up of chrome and wheels will be changed too. Expedition will have high quality alloy wheels of 22 inches now. Doors can be controlled automatically after this facelift which will raise the standard of this car to next level. Interior design will be enhanced with audio system from Sony, My Ford Touch system and other features. There will be ten speakers in total of Sony.

2016 Ford Expedition rear

2016 Ford Expedition Engine Specs

Engine wise 2016 Ford Expedition will have a 3.5 liter engine with direct injection technology and also with twin turbo feature. This engine will have EcoBoost and it is a V6 model. This engine can produce power of about 365 HP with a torque of 420 lb ft. Speed transmission in all of the models will be six and will be controlled automatically. Automatic speed transmission will soon replace all manual ones since it has got great advantage over manual one.

2016 Ford Expedition Release Date and Price

Interior consoles are remaining same and few of them shall be upgraded to their latest versions. Price of 2016 Ford Expedition will be around $42000 for the base version and there will be many other higher versions. Prices of higher versions have not yet been revealed by Ford. Release date has not yet been published.

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