2016 Ford Edge Review, Sport

Ford is back with their latest edition of Edge in the form of 2016 Ford Edge. This latest version of Edge is a medium size crossover SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) with the help of which American giants, Ford, looks forward to regain their place in the mid-size crossover SUV market. This overall look gives this latest Edge, an edge over its competitors when it comes to styling. Added to its beautiful design, designers have also made use of light weighing materials like aluminium panels and carbon fibre sheets while constructing the car’s body frame and platform in order to reduce its weight.This in turn positively affects critical aspects of this car like fuel consumption, performance stats, speed, acceleration, etc.

2016 Ford Edge front

2016 Ford Edge Exterior and Interior

Exterior of this brand new 2016 Ford Edge has been ripped from grounds up and has been re-done almost completely. The designing and stylish work on its body has been inspired by a completely new concept from the designers of Ford, with the customers having a plethora of colours to choose from. The front end of this SUV is quite attractive and intimidating, thanks to the beautiful trapezoid shaped grille, which features stripes that bears a striking resemblance to razors. Head lights have also been made to have a trapezoidal design which looks sharp, in order to go with this car’s grille design.

A lot of stylish features, counting the likes of a short nose design, more prominent arches of the wheels and a hood which has been placed higher bring out the style aspect of this 2016 Edge. Tail lights also fall in with head lights as they too have a trapezoidal cutting. Edge’s tail lights are linked by a beautiful light bridge. The rear bumper features exhaust pipes which goes against the trapezoidal design and looks rectangular.

2016 Ford Edge rear

2016 Ford Edge provides premium luxury, peaceful comfort and vast space, being a medium size crossover SUV. It has a seating capacity which can comfortably accommodate five fully grown adult human beings. Even after that, it has plenty of space for head room and leg room, so that its passengers can free their arms. The seats of this 2016 Edge from Ford have been completely refurbished. In this category, one can see new premium quality leather upholstery adorning the comfortable and posh seats along with internal heating options. Leather and cloth also cover the dashboard made of soft plastic which comes with accents of metallic silver.

Dashboard of this 2016 Edge is stuffed with the most advanced and latest technology. It has a large touchscreen stuffed with infotainment features like SYNC and MyFord System. USB connectivity, ports for power, Bluetooth, hands-free lift gate, satellite radio, surround speakers and climate control.

2016 Ford Edge interior

2016 Ford Edge Engine Specs

2016 Ford Edge will have the following engine options:

SE, Titanium and SEL will have a 2.0L EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine generating 245 HP at 270 lb-ft torque or a 3.5L V6 engine generating 285 HPat 263 lb-ft torque.

Sport trim will have a 2.7L V6 twin turbo engine generating 320 HPat 375 lb-ft torque.

These will have 6-speed auto transmission supporting both FWD and AWD.

2016 Ford Edge Price and Release Date

Price of 2016 Ford Edge will start from $29,000. 2016 Ford Edge in the market will appear until the end of 2015.

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