2016 Ford Crown Victoria Review

Your favorite Ford Crown Victoria is going to be face lifted now into a much better version with the all new global platform. Ford felt it necessary to upgrade this particular car at this very moment since it was lagging behind from similar cars of other brands. You do not have to wait for long since 2016 Ford Crown Victoria is just a matter of few months. There will be few specific changes in appearance which Ford believes will be very attractive. They have also provided few versions of engines for more flexibility of customers.

2016 Ford Crown Victoria

2016 Ford Crown Victoria Exterior and Interior

Remarkable change that 2016 Ford Crown Victoria is going to get is change of platform. This facelift mainly deals with change of platform of Crown Victoria with a platform used by New Taurus. Not only platform, it has been known that Ford is going to share few other things of Taurus as well. Appearance will be made more unique after this facelift which is very necessary to make a car popular. No matter how good specification a car engine might be of, a customer always checks the appearance first.

This time, this sedan will be given a very cool appearance. With an elongated bonnet section, this car will have inclined and curved headlights which have indicators attached in one corner. Headlights are of LED which runs for a longer period of time with least maintenance. LEDs produce bright light of white color and consume lesser energy. Indicator lamps are not very tiny; in fact they cover a considerable portion of headlight boxes. There are also small indicator bulbs attached to fenders of both sides. Two rectangular fog lamps are installed in two corners of front bumper which will come handy in case of thick fog covered roads. Grille is rectangular and front bumper is of standard size.

2016 Ford Crown Victoria interior

2016 Ford Crown Victoria Engine Specs

Ground clearance has been kept low since this is an on road car. Standard quality alloy wheels of 19 inches have been installed in this car. As far as engine specification is concerned, 2016 Ford Crown Victoria has got a 3.5 liter engine of V6 with EcoBoost technology. This engine forms the base version. There will also be another engine version with V8 engine. Power outputs have not been released. In all probability, these two V6 and V8 engines will have quite a good rating of power outputs. Speed transmission in this car is six and is controlled automatically.

2016 Ford Crown Victoria rear

2016 Ford Crown Victoria Release Date and Price

Ford has also given a hint that 2016 Ford Crown Victoria might come up with both front two wheel drive and four wheel drive versions. This car is supposed to hit the market by the end of this year or the beginning of next year. Exact release date will be disclosed soon. Ford is having their final stages of facelift presently and they are very busy with that. 2016 Ford Crown Victoria has been fixed with a price of around $31,000 for the base version. Price will be higher for higher version obviously and it also depends upon the consoles provided along with.

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