2016 Dodge Dakota Review, Price

The upcoming 2016 Dodge Dakota is going to be the most liked pick up due to its strong efficiency and amazing performance coupled with its payload ability. There is lots of wonderful features and amazing functionalities that will be associated with this car which will make it desire and dream come true to most Dodge fans. The body of this car is coming with four doors and larger trailer and the front side of it will be chrome grille and elegantly designed and amazingly beatified headlights. More so, the interior of this great automobile will not be left being in upgrade as it is coming with total revamp with innovative features and lots of infotainments features.

2016 Dodge Dakota front

2016 Dodge Dakota Engine, MPG

This car is coming with amazingly built and well engineered engine that will make it perfect and functional. One of the engine options of this car is 4-cylinder V6 engine which will be capable of offering the users 210 horsepower of power outputs and amazing toying power. There is also another V8 engine that will offer 320 horsepower associated with this car. In that regard, if you are looking for a well functional truck that will offer you amazing performance and wonderful payload ability you have to simply make 2016 Dodge Dakota your perfect choice.

For the fuel economy of 2016 Dodge Dakota it is built with unique features that made it highly economical in fuel consumption. You will enjoy your cruise with this car for about 30 miles on the highway just with a gallon of fuel.

2016 Dodge Dakota Exterior and Interior Redesign

There are lots of changes on the exterior of this yet to be released car that made it to look quite appealing and amazing. The well shaped and crafted front grille of this car is going to be among the reason while most people will go for it.

2016 Dodge Dakota interior

The interior will be coming with well equipped features that will ensure comfort and pleasure of the user. It is designed with top quality seats, infotainment features including radio receivers, cruise control system, well built instrument panel coupled with screen display that will show the user what is happening in the car at any point in time.

2016 Dodge Dakota Safety Features and Competition

The safety of the potential users of Dodge Dakota 2016 is greatly considered before it was built. for that reason, there are lots of safety oriented features that are loaded in this car which made it the perfect choice for anyone that prioritize safety on truck pick up. There is incorporation of quality airbags, traction control system, stability control system, reverse control system and others. The major competing vehicles to this amazingly built vehicle are going to be Jeep Model, Wranglerki and Chrysler.

2016 Dodge Dakota rear

2016 Dodge Dakota Release Date and Price

For now there is not clear information about the release date of 2016 Dodge Dakota as the automakers are still working on the car removing some features and adding some. For that reason, you will need to exercise a little patient until this car is released in the market. More so, since the release date is still wrapped it is difficult to determine the price of

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