2016 Buick Riviera Price, Interior

2016 Buick Riviera is the latest upgraded model of the well known sedan Riviera from Buick. Designed by China’s GM Company, this vehicle is now all set to join the series of futuristic vehicles from Buick’s stable. The car is notable for its smooth and awesome design and promises better riding and performance features than its predecessor.

2016 Buick Riviera front

2016 Buick Riviera Interior and Exterior

This sedan is going to include a plush internal cabin made of ebony and aluminum, all of which are combined fine design elements. The car is also going to include multiple noise reducing materials. The seats are going to be wrapped in the best leather upholstery. You can also expect plush features, such as 4-wheel steering, air spring package that offers great comfort, wireless propulsion system and EM-controlled camera.

One of the most striking features of the new 2016 Buick Riviera is going to be its exterior appearance. It is going to have an aggressive exterior that is further complemented by an aerodynamic chassis and stylish narrow shaped headlights. The big, stylish grille along with smooth lines of the car’s body is going to further accentuate its aggressive, edgy design. With doors designed like the wings of seagulls, the upgraded version will come with a futuristic look that is sporty, sculpted and elegant. The entire body would have a modern appearance, keeping the legendary image of Buick.

2016 Buick Riviera would have some excellent features to offer to all its buyers, such as ten high-resolution cameras including eighteen micro sensors, wireless charging, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports and more.

The 2016 Buick Riviera is going to come loaded with numerous state of the art safety features, such as drive-assist, ABS, EBD, seat belts, air bags for driver & passenger, door ajar warning system, stability control, traction control, night view assist, parking assist system, side blind – zone alert system and lane departure warning system.

2016 Buick Riviera interior

2016 Buick Riviera Engine and Fuel Economy

While little is known at the moment about the car’s engines, 2016 Buick Riviera is most likely to come with entirely new engines. According to some sources, it is set to arrive with two different engine models. It may be powered either by a V8 engine in its standard version or a V6 petrol mill along with an electric motor in its hybrid version. The engine will offer efficient performance on all types of roads, whether on the bigger roads or in busy city traffic. While little is known about the type of transmission and drive 2016 Buick Riviera is going to have, analysts expect that the engine will be coupled with an AMT gearbox and the car buyers can get an AWD.

Much like its transmission, there is no news about the mileage figures of Riviera. Nevertheless, the new car expected to be more fuel-efficient than the earlier version. If there is an AMT gearbox, it will likely help in bringing down the fuel consumption to a great extent.

2016 Buick Riviera rear

2016 Buick Riviera Price and Release Date

This will not be a low-cost car, although it would not be too pricey either. Exact price of this car is unknown as yet, as its maker has not released any details about its cost. Exact release date of 2016 Buick Riviera has not been announced officially. However, it is expected to come into auto market sometime in 2016. It might even get launched anytime during first 3 months of year 2017.

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