2016 BMW Z4 Release Date

BMW is a noted and well appreciated name in the automobile world as it has a history of producing magnificent and influencing cars which have always managed to attract masses. In this section we will be focusing upon 2016 BMW Z4 which is definitely going to be a new addition in the series of cars produced. The newer version is going to provide luxury and definitely it will be in a position of creating a stronger impact other than its predecessors. Actually the automobile industry is changing so it’s really very important hat BMW should go with the ongoing trends and this is exactly what they are going to do in 2016 BMW Z4.

2016 BMW Z4 front

2016 BMW Z4 Interior and Exterior Changes

The version is defiantly going to be equipped with a number of interesting and exciting features. The color of car is going to contain a feel of fluid metal, which is going to provide a cooler feeling. The anterior corner of car is not going to get much improvement in comparison to its predecessor. The framework will have a lower setting whose headlights will be changed and there will be a Z design cross section. The body shape will be such that it can reflect good and convincing aerodynamic qualities.

Coming towards the interior BMW Z4 2016 the car reflects class ad beauty. The interior is providing older duller light black and red feeling and the present version is going to arrive with darker seats as well as tan leather.

2016 BMW Z4 interior

In a similar fashion it will be equipped with great concentration upon the Z plan of Zagato. Similarly to present pattern BMW Z4 is going to use body of carbon fiber for reducing the weight of car. This has defiantly influenced the car in a positive manner. Other prominent highlights associated with the car are being mentioned below

  • Digital dashboards,
  • Push button starting
  • USB drive
  • Surround audio systems,
  • CD player,
  • Air conditioning

2016 BMW Z4 side


The BMW Z4 2016 car gives special respect to security as it will have the inclusion of below mentioned features

  • Double air bag at anterior
  • Tubeless tires
  • ABS brakes

Length of this newer BMW Z4 is going to be near 4239 mm and its width should be 1790 mm.

2016 BMW Z4 Engine Specs

The reports are suggesting that 2016 BMW Z4 car is going to contain 2 engines at the anterior. It is going to contain four chambers, six barrel engine and this is going to provide car great force. The fitting of engine will be such that it can transfer efficient power to posterior wheels. There will be gas three liter turbocharged engine, which will have the power of producing torque of 324 pound feet.

2016 BMW Z4 Price and Release Date

Till not the authorities have not introduced any official price and it’s expected that 2016 BMW Z4 will cost 46000 dollars to 69000 dollars. Coming towards release date there is no official information provided and it’s expected that car will reach market by the ending of year 2015.

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