2016 BMW X6 Price, Release Date

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the release and specifications of this new 2016 BMW X6, but several 2016 BMW X6 Review and Price reports have indicated that this car will bring some serious changes to the franchise. This car was first launched in 2014, but at the beginning nothing much was learnt about its specifications. BMW is really pushing the spec list of this car in the category of crossover SUVs.

Since, this car is not really going to have any serious competition from its counterparts; BMW is hoping to dominate the crossover market for 2015.

2016 BMW X6 front

2016 BMW X6 Redesign and Upgrade

There have been several notable changes that can be seen in this new 2016 BMW X6. Many of those changes have taken place on the exterior front. So, let’s have a look at what exterior design changes can be observed. First of all, this new BMW X6 does sport a couple of twin exhaust tips. Along with that, it also contains new side skirts, large fender designs as well as better air intakes. In addition to that, the entire chassis design of this new X6 is much larger than its previous models. However, the weight of this car has been reduced in order to improve its stability and handling specs.

The chassis has been designed by lightweight materials, such as aluminum and carbon fiber. This ensures that the aerodynamic nature of this car is very good, along with having an improved handling spec as well. Several 2016 BMW X6 articles have stated that due to its better height and design, the car will have a sportier and more aggressive look.

2016 BMW X6 interior

Interior of this car is very roomy, with extra comfort in its cabin configuration. Along with that, optional trim variants offer additional luxury in form of various equipment packages as well. Cargo space will certainly increase, along with better passenger seats, and improved technological upgrades. The dashboard looks good with latest technology.

2016 BMW X6 Engine Specs

According to latest news about this car, several reports indicate that this crossover will have 2 different engine choices. Both of these engines are very much capable of producing high caliber performance, so it does not matter which engine you fancy. Now, let’s have a look at these two engine options:

The base engine will comprise of a 3.0 LITER 6 cylinder turbo charged configuration. It can effectively produce a maximum output of 300 BHP, along with 300 lbs. feet of torque.

2016 BMW X6 side

Another high capacity optional turbo charged engine variant will be present, which can yield around 445 horsepower, along with 480 lbs. feet of torque.

In several BMW X6 Review and Price articles, it has been mentioned that the base engine can accelerate this car from 0-60 MPH in under 6 seconds. Top speed recorded during testing stands at 155 MPH.

2016 BMW X6 Release Date and Price

According to several 2016 BMW X6 Review and Price reports, there is a strong indication that this 2016 model will be priced around $60000 for its base model. This model will come out by middle of 2015.

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