2016 BMW X3 Release Date

The 2016 BMW X3 is another great vehicle which is going to arrive soon and definitely there are huge expectations associated with this one because it’s coming from a noted car manufacturer, which has created a strong identity for itself. You are definitely going to find some very interesting and exciting features in the upcoming model so w suggest that readers should stay alert towards its release. In this section we will be focusing upon this amazing car which is about to arrive soon so that our readers can develop a better understanding of the matters related with it.

2016 BMW X3 front

The positive component related with 2016 BMW X3 is definitely going to be the face and we can say that facelift associated with this version is definitely very much convincing. The makers have been smart and they have included clear appearing headlamps, with light emitting diode units, which will provide better functioning capacity to this vehicle.

Specifications and Features

It is being expected that newer X3 is going to arrive with a different design, but main treat will be inside the hood as it’s not going to be a conventional car as it will be based upon a strong and convincing platform. The anterior of this car is definitely going to be attractive and charming so you will love the entire look and form of this vehicle. This is something, which is not apparent in photos, but we can say that 2016 BMW X3 will have more capacity and increased space for accommodating passengers. The car makers have admitted that they are working upon introducing something unique and different as the main aim is to create a stronger influence.

2016 BMW X3 interior

Engine Related Specifications

The engine of the upcoming model will be good enough to support the new form and structure otherwise the car will appear as a disaster. As far as powertrain is concerned readers need to notice here that  2016 BMW X3 will be altered with some of the motor choices, which are present in the bonnet and this is in accordance with design, which has been chosen. Presently the vehicle will be offered with two engines of diesel. First we have 2 L, 4 cylinder engine that has the power of delivering 240 hp another one is 3.0 L V6 which can deliver 300 hp and coupling of all these engines with 8, speed automatic transmission will be carried out. The petrol engine associated with this version has the capacity of producing 245 hp and electric motor can generate 95 hp. Fuel economy is also going to be decent in diesel versions equal to 47 mpg.

2016 BMW X3 rear

2016 BMW X3 Price, Competitors and Release Date

We don’t have any confirmation, but sources suggest that 2016 BMW X3 base model will be offered at a price of 41,000 dollars and its sales in market will start during the year 2016. If we consider the trends prevailing in the marketing then Audi Q7 appears as the main competitor for this 2016 BMW X3

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