2016 BMW M5 Price, Specs

The M5 franchise of BMW had waited a long time to get a refreshed model out form the factory. For the past couple of years, BMW has focused a bit less on introducing new model, and more on providing facelifts to existing models. Still, for this 2016 M5 franchise, customers will be surprised by all new 2016 BMW M5 Specs and Changes. Several sources indicate that BMW has furnished a great deal of time and effort in to delivering a sophisticated and great vehicle in the form of 2016 BMW M5.

2016 BMW M5 front

As far as its appearance is concerned, customers will be absolutely surprised to notice some very significant changes to the exterior chassis, as well as to the interior of this car. In addition to that, BMW has made some configuration changes under the hood of 2016 M5. So, let’s have a look at what these various changes are.

2016 BMW M5 Engine Specs

As far as the engine configurations are concerned, the various 2016 BMW M5 Specs and Changes are worth noticing. According to recent reports, this 2016 M5 model will have multiple engine options to start with. So, let’s have a look at those options:

A base engine of 2.0 LITER inline 4 cylinder configuration is present.

For higher trims, there is a 3.0 LITER gasoline engine with inline 6 cylinder spec as well.

Another twin turbo diesel engine might be available as an optional unit.

2016 BMW M5

For better fuel efficiency, a hybrid variant called M5 eDrive might come out as well.

Power spec options will vary between 150 HP for the hybrid variant, to 275 HP of the diesel unit. More info will be available very soon on the power spec of individual engine units. A standard front wheel drive train configuration is available, with optional Quattro AWD.

2016 BMW M5 Exterior and Interior

Among several notable 2016 M5, its exterior design module will undergo a lot of transformation. Not a lot is known as far as the details of these changes are concerned. However, since this model has already been debuted, some aspects of its design have been deciphered pretty easily. For example, both its front and rear bumper design will undergo some slight modifications, so that it can successfully integrate a sporty appearance for this 2016 BMW M5. In addition to that, this car will also feature a redesigned tail light, which is much better than any of its predecessors.

2016 BMW M5 interior

Having said that, let’s discuss some of its interior specifications. An elegant, classy as well as luxurious design layout has been integrated inside this 2016 model. The entire dash board layout will be changed, with a new display module in form of a LCD screen. Other than that, it will also include better connectivity features, improved technological aspects as well as highlighted safety protocols.

2016 BMW M5 Price and Release Date

Since this is a 2016 model, there has been no discussion regarding the release dates of this car in 2016 BMW M5 Specs and Changes articles. However, reputable sources indicate that it might come out by late 2016, with a price similar to 2015 BMW M5.

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