2016 BMW 3-Series Facelift Changes, Price

BMW has finally offered a better 3-Series redesign module in 2016, and their 2016 BMW 3-Series Facelift will include various innovative designs. Even though this company is pretty eager to install new and latest features in to their 3 Series franchise, but the overall structure of this vehicle will be kept unchanged in order to capitalize on the recognizable value. Several output performance specs have been altered as a part of this 4th generation BMW model. Exterior configuration has been changed, with multiple additions to the interior module of this car as well.

2016 BMW 3-Series Facelift

So, let’s check out the various improvements that have been added to this 2016 BMW 3 Series vehicle. However, before that, you should understand that since this 2016 edition models are just facelift versions of their previous models, nothing drastic will change in their appearance. Still, multiple safety specs as well as advanced technology features have been improved.

2016 BMW 3-Series Facelift Engine Specs

With this 2016 BMW 3-Series Facelift, there have been several notable changes in the power train configuration of this model. New units have been placed under its hood in order to improve their overall performance, as well as make sure that variation is also introduced as far as power train configurations are concerned. From this 2016 model, BMW has also introduced better diesel options. So, let’s have a look at what engine units are available:

2016 BMW 3-Series Facelift rear

  • A 2.0 LITER inline 4 cylinder diesel unit is offered, which can generate a maximum output of 180 HP, as well as produce around 280 lbs. feet of max torque.
  • Another 3.0 LITER 6 cylinder VVT diesel unit is also available with direct fuel injection technology. This configuration can produce around 240 HP as max power.
  • For better fuel efficiency, another plug-in variant is available as well. It will comprise of a 4 cylinder unit, along with an electric motor, providing a maximum of 245 HP along with 295 lbs. feet of torque.

Drive train specs comprise of rear wheel drive, with the optional all-wheel drive configuration as well.

2016 BMW 3-Series Facelift Notable Changes

As a part of the whole 2016 BMW 3-Series Facelift campaign, several important changes have been assigned to this 2016 BMW model. In order to consolidate those changes, several equipment packages have been assigned. Hence, this 2016 BMW 3 Series will be available in 3 different variants, namely – Sedan, Coupe as well as Wagon. There will also be an Active Hybrid version of the Sedan – named as 330i xDrive.

2016 BMW 3-Series Facelift interior

More details will be available pretty soon, but several rumors suggest that a new grille design is coming up, with a better front fascia, and an additional infotainment module. The front bumper design will be modified slightly, along with new LED head lamps and rear tail lights.

2016 BMW 3-Series Facelift Release Date and Price

The complete 2016 BMW 3-Series Facelift campaign will likely come in to effect by early 2016. According to several reports, its Sedan variant will be priced around $34000, while its Wagon variant will cost $43000. Its hybrid might cost $51000. It will compete with Audi A4, Honda Accord as well as Mercedes Benz C Class.

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