2016 Audi A5 Release Date

We can consider the 2016 Audi A5 as model of the year because it has attractive features. This model will be released at the end of year 2015 but it has got immense fame in the market due to its attractive features. Audi Company has released some photos of upcoming model to raise the interest of consumers. The detail information of this model is not available yet but we can expect some features on the basis of photos. The interior of this vehicle will show big changes but exterior will remain similar. The engine will also possess some changes. In order to increase the fuel economy, we can expect use of aluminum material.

2016 Audi A5 front

 Specs, Design and Features of 2016 Audi A5

The possible changes to the exterior of 2016 Audi A5 model will include MLB platform, big headlights and modified bumper. This large size vehicle will show abrupt changes in exterior color and design. The bumper size will be increased to increase the number of mesh holes. The front grille will show unique design. The side mirrors will be installed without frame; we can ask these as naked mirrors. The possible color schemes for upcoming models include red, grey and white.  The light weight material will be used to manufacture this sedan. We can expect the total weight of this model around 220 kg for the present model.

2016 Audi A5 interior

The interior specs of 2016 Audi A5 will include spacious interior with three rows of passenger seats. The use of leather material will make the seats comfortable and durable. The seats are adjustable and front seats are electrically controlled. The space is great between seat rows. The dashboard is very attractive because it contains LCD screen and keypad to control various options. The driver cabin is luxury and it contains advanced options.

2016 Audi A5 Engine Options, MPG

News shows the presence of 2.0 liter engine in 2016 Audi A5 model. The possible power generation is around 225 horsepower. The second engine will be 4.2 liter V8 engine. The consumer will have multiple engine options to choose from. The six speed manual transmission system will be installed in this model. The gearbox is advanced and it contains latest features. The engine is also light weighted but excellent in performance.

The fuel economy of this vehicle is best and it is around 26 MPG. The light weight of this vehicle makes it fuel efficient. This vehicle will cover more than 300 miles with one full tank.

2016 Audi A5 Competitors, Price and Release Date

The price of this model is around 45,000 dollars and it will hit the USA market in the beginning of 2016. We can consider it a best model because of its safety equipments. Audi Company aimed to install the latest safety equipments in this model like navigation system and tracker.

2016 Audi A5 rear

The presence of six airbags will make the vehicle safe. The doors will contain interior and exterior locks. The major competitors of 2016 Audi A5 in the market include Mercedes Benz and BMW3.

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