2015 Pontiac GTO Price

The yet to be released 2015 Pontiac GTO is really a legendary car with lots of functionalities and features that made it the best and most superior option at any point in time. It is a well known fact that one of the most popular American muscle cars is simply the Pontiac trademark. In the 2015 model of this car, it is expected to come with enhanced features in order to make it quite superior and unique from previous version in the market.

2015 Pontiac GTO front

2015 Pontiac GTO Engine Specs

In order to ensure that this car has enough power to do all the muscle works it is designed to do, it is being powered with high quality and superior engine options. One of the engine options that comes with 2015 Pontiac GTO is 6.2-liter V8 engine with capability to provide power output of 426 horsepower. The wonderful and great power output of this car is enough to carry on all the strong and muscle performances which this car is designed to do. More so, the engine of this car is melted with 6-speed transmission system making it easy for the power on the engine to be transferred effectively to the wheels of this car effectively.

In terms of fuel consumption economy, this 2015 Pontiac GTO is known to be highly economical. You will be sure of driving this car as far as 30 miles on the high way just with a gallon of fuel in your fuel tank.  You will also enjoy your wonderful driving experience within the city for up to 26 miles only with a gallon of fuel with the help of this amazingly built muscle car.

2015 Pontiac GTO Specification

In order to keep this car competitive in the modern market, it is designed with lots of wonderful interior features and amazing designs.  The design of the seats in 2015 Pontiac GTO is made with innovative and amazing stitching. More so, there are lots infotainment features that made this car the best among the contemporary. The exterior is never left behind in any way when it comes to changes and redesigns as it is just made with modern and wonderful features. In that regard, you will have full dose of modern prime design with this car if that is why you prioritize in your search of a vehicle.

2015 Pontiac GTO rear

Obviously, the users of this car will enjoy perfect comfort as well as safety. This is due to lots of safety guaranteed features that are loaded in it. There is incorporation of traction control system, stability control system, airbag system, parking sensor, and others.

2015 Pontiac GTO interior

2015 Pontiac GTO Release Date and Price

This 2015 Pontiac GTO is expected to be in the market by now as the official release date was formally at the end of 2014 or the beginning of 2015. For that reason, you can check for it in your local showroom. The price on the other hand is expected to be $25,000 and can even go up to 60,000 with time. For the competing brands, the major rivals of this car include; GM, Dodge and Ford.

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